It is the age of technology. Gone are the days when one would open classifieds to looks for a job. Now a list of thousands of jobs are just a click away, thanks to online job websites.

So let’s quickly take a look at our list of Top 5 Job websites for online work. Trust us, and you’ll be sorted forever.


Indeed is not just a word we use when we feel saying ‘yes’ is too basic. Indeed is a company founded in 2004 to help people find a job. Seventeen years later, it is today the largest job website in the whole world. Today it has 250 million monthly users and witnesses ten new job listings every second. The scope of this website is stretched far and wide. It keeps in mind various lifestyles and retains all its listings up to date.

The choice of industries on Indeed is nothing short of splendid. Not only that, but it also caters to your position, working hours, salary requirements, location, etc. And the best part is that it is entirely free. You don’t even have to create an account to access the jobs. It has an integrated tool that allows you to compare salaries and reviews.


Monster was founded in 1994, and since then, it had been on an endeavour to unite employers and employees. Every minute 29 resumes are uploaded, and 7,900 job search queries are lodged. Even though it has fewer filters one can use while applying for a job, its quality and interface lie in the same range of perfection as Indeed, and it is also available free of cost.

Monster makes room for people of every experience level and work pattern. All you need to do is create an account with your email id, and Voila! You are ready to go. You will receive email alerts notifying you of the new jobs in your targetted fields. While search filters like position length, location, date, etc., are available, one can’t search for employment according to the salary or experience level. However, it makes up by offering comparison tools and salary researches.


Stared in 2008, Glassdoor aims at providing transparency and company reviews to those in need of a good job. Statistically, Glassdoor in its database has approximately 1.3 million employers, 70 million reviews, and around 9 million jobs. Those who want to apply can search for open positions and concurrently look at intensively researched information on the company, including their Ceo, work culture, perks, salaries, etc.

The first and foremost step is to create a profile on Glassdoor and upload your updated resume. Then sign up to receive email alerts for job openings. Under every listing, you will find the details like the position, application process, company reviews and rating, prospective salary, etc. and oh did we mention, Glassdoor is also completely free for job aspirants.


Have you been looking for job opportunities that offer flexible work hours, but have been defeated in the endeavour. Or have you come across such a job but it turned out to be illegitimate and a hoax. Something similar happened to Sara Sutton, who created FlexJobs in 2007 to help people find legitimate, flexible, work-from-home opportunities. It has almost 28,000 listings and 6000 companies in its programme. What makes FlexJobs unique is its specialisation in remote work options.

The members of FlexJobs have the benefit of choosing from over 50 categories. These members also enjoy an added perk of discounts on products and services like Dell laptops, career counselling, etc.

However, FlexJobs is not a free platform. The membership model charges $6.95 for a one-week trial, $14.95 for a one-month membership, $29.95 for a three-month membership, and $49.95 for a year-long membership. The revenue from the subscriptions is invested in doing intense research for every job listing. FexJobs takes to guarantee the legitimacy of every opportunity, a scam free environment, and an ad-free interface.


LinkedIn is the one site on this list that is a little different from the rest. Instead of just providing a database for open jobs, LinkedIn also serves as a professional networking platform and is the biggest one in that field. Launched in 2003, it now has an audience of more than 740 million people. It is a digital resume platform and a social networking software both in one package. It helps you reach out to the employers directly.

Once your profile on LinkedIn is sorted, you can apply for available opportunities and also send connection requests. LinkedIn can be thought of like Tinder for employers and employees, without the swipe right and left option.


Looking for a job is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and time. And so follow this list to shed of some load off of your shoulders. Don’t stop when you feel dejected and think about your career strategically. All the best!

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