We all spend so much time ordering food from Swiggy. We weigh the pros and cons of all the restaurants and all the cuisines. Some even end up making a spreadsheet. But what about your job? Why do we pay so little attention to it? So much so that while applying for a job, we make so many mistakes.


So before you crack your head open thinking about the right way to apply for a job, read this article because we have everything you need to know.


Things to Consider in a Job


Your paycheck is always just a tiny piece of the puzzle of what you deserve for doing a job. Insurance, retirement contribution and matching, paid leaves, incentives, equity, and more should all be a part of your negotiation. Many companies offer additional perks and benefits for their employees, and it is indispensable to ask your potential employee about the same.

Some examples of these benefits include health and wellness plans, compensation for relocation, etc.

Work Timings

People consider 9 to 5 to be the norm of any job. But this is a misconception. It is also a misconception that a 9 to 5 job will always make you a depressed, lifeless individual, as if you are a male character from Imtiaz Ali’s movie. You must be aware of what works best for you. And once that is sorted, you can discuss the same with your employer. It is essential to ask questions about overtime; how often will you be asked to work after hours? Will you be paid extra for overtime? Etc.


Office culture is so greatly affected by the people you work with daily. While applying for a job, talk to those already working there (if possible). You can gauge the group dynamics, the supervising strength and the essential ‘vibe’ of the place.

You must not hesitate in researching those who may potentially be mentoring and managing you. Their track record, the form of hierarchy they work in, etc., are some of the pertinent questions you must keep in mind.

Room for Growth

You must know of various opportunities a job can offer in the long run to grow and advance in your profession. You can get a clear image of what the future at this company holds. You’ll be putting in a lot of effort and time at your work, and if in the long run you’ll be stuck in the same position as you were when you started, it might lead to disappointment.

Do your research

Just as important it is to know about your manager, it is also essential to research the company you will be working in for a long time. Their turnover rate, downsizing policies, lawsuits, etc., don’t just notice the red flags on a date but also in your interview.



Things to Do Before Applying for A Job

Apart from research, there are many more things you need to do to ensure that you get the job you desire. The following is a small checklist you can use to be at the top of the game.

Update your social profiles

Social media is the norm today, and employers always want to know everything about a person before hiring them. Hence they resort to looking at your social profiles.u\your social media just doesn’t contain Facebook and Instagram. Your LinkedIn is equally important. Your LinkedIn profile should be up to date and must include even your most recent work experience. Also, make sure your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram don’t have any material that can risk your chances of getting selected.

Know the name and email of the hiring manager

If you locate the hiring manager, you’ll be able to alter your cover letter so that your job application is nothing short of perfect. When you send your application directly to the hiring manager and not through a job ad, it can significantly impact you. The employer won’t stick your application in a mountain of other applicants, and this might be just the headstart you require.

Talk to current employees

The benefits of reaching out to the employees are two-fold. Firstly, if you don’t have contacts with the employer, you can form a strong network. The current employees can recommend you to the hiring manager, hence boosting your chances. Secondly, you can get to know a lot more about the company and make sure it is the right fit for you. You can talk to the employees by adding them on LinkedIn or sending an email. Be a little formal, and don’t forget to introduce yourself and your reason for reaching out.

Final thoughts

Once you have followed every step, the last extensive choice you need to make is accepting the job offer. Careful thinking is a given, but what is also very important is that you must not hesitate in asking for what you deserve. Your career should be suited to your personality to feel like you are on vacation every single day because you love your occupation.

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