Canada is one of the most famous countries for being immigrant-friendly, and Canada has always been warm and welcoming for the people of a different culture.

People long for having Permanent Residentship in Canada. The country offers numerous benefits to the people who hold PR.

If you also want to be a PR holder of Canada and want to get away from the high living standard and excellent career options in the country, then applying for PR in Canada is the wisest choice you can make.

There are different pathways available for you to move permanently to Canada, and among them, the provincial nominee program and express entry program are the top pathways.

Since many people wish to apply for a PR visa for Canada, here in this article, we will be sharing a step-by-step process for you to apply for PR easily.

What are the Benefits of Having a PR Visa of Canada?

  • Having a permanent residency in Canada is similar to being a citizen of Canada, and you can have a lot of benefits through it. Benefits such as:
  • You can study, live and work freely in Canada, just like in your own country.
  • You can apply for citizenship in Canada after you have been left there for three years.
  • With a PR visa for Canada, you can bring your family to live with you.
  • You can avail of free Health care Services, school education and other benefits like any other Canadian citizen.
  • You get complete protection and rights as per the laws of Canada.

These are the great benefits that you can get if you have a PR visa in Canada. Now, let’s start with the process of the application.


When applying for PR for Canada, you have to be vigilant and complete every step correctly so that your application does not get rejected.

The significant steps involved in obtaining a Canada PR visa are getting a credible qualification, IELTS, etc. So, let’s start in depth.

  1. Select the Program

The initial step is to select the apt PR visa program for the application process.

PR visa programs are generally based on six factors: work experience, education age, language proficiency and adaptability skill.

Look for the visa category you want to apply for so that you can move on with the next step.

  1. Documents 

When you have selected the visa program, the next you have to do is prepare the necessary documents for the application.

You have to have your education documents and work documents, but moreover, you have to have the English proficiency test and educational credential assessment from any reputed assessing office.

  1. Make a Profile

Although every Canadian territory has its visa program and requirements, if you apply from an express entry system, you will have to make a profile on their website and start with the online application.

  1. Invitation to Apply

Several people apply for a PR visa every year, and the primary method is that the candidate makes a profile online and submit the expression of interest on the website.

Most of the programs select high ranking candidates and provide them with the invitation to apply.

If you are applying for the visa by an express entry system, you can put in your application for PR when you are issued with the invitation.

Do remember that within 60 days of the grand idea that you have to complete the entire PR application.

If you fail to do that, authorities will nullify your application. When your application is analysed correctly, and authorities find all the documents authentic, they will approve your application for a PR visa in Canada.

  1. Take the Help of a Professional

The immigration process and methods can be overwhelming and confusing, so if you do not have an idea or a clearer understanding of the entire concept, you should take the help of a professional.

You can take advice from a visa consultant company, and it will help you throughout the process. They can also help you with your documents and complete the visa process.

Sum up

Having a PR visa for Canada is a dream come true for many people, but you have to work hard for it and fulfil all the requirements to avail all the benefits you can have with the PR visa of Canada.

The step by step process of applying for a Canadian PR visa is quite simple if you have the proper knowledge and guidance.

Please do not start the application without having accurate knowledge because it can create many problems for you in the future.

With the right advice, you can complete the overwhelming process of getting a PR visa in Canada in a seamless manner.

Ensure you have all the documents properly with you not to give the visa authorities any chance to nullify your application.

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